Layered Security – Commercial

When assessing how to secure a business premises, the key to adequately protecting staff as well as stock and equipment is to create several layers of security to provide an early warning system that will alert management to the presence of any unwanted intruders.

A business owner that invests in a layered security system buys valuable time during an emergency, time that could literally diffuse serious crimes like burglaries and armed robberies by stopping intruders in their tracks. Layered security results in an early alarm activation and gives staff and management more time to press a further panic button and get staff to safety to avoid a confrontation and potential physical injury.

Layered security is about placing as many barriers between intruders and the business’ staff and valuables as possible. These barriers may include:
• Internal and Perimeter CCTV surveillance cameras
• Electric fencing linked to the alarm system
• Outdoor passive infrared (PIR) detector beams
• Glass-smashing sensors on windows

Every area of a business needs to be professionally assessed to ensure vulnerable points are adequately secured, from the driveway gates, to offices, storerooms, production areas, and even the roof, which must not be neglected as it is a fairly common point of entry for burglars.

Alarm System – Commercial

A business alarm system can be set up with anything from a simple eight zone panel, to a more complex 168 zone system, to ensure that in the event of a burglary the control centre will immediately identify the exact offices and outdoor areas that intruders have breached. Several fixed and remote panic alarms are supplied with the business alarm system so that, in case of an emergency, staff can discreetly alert us to promptly respond to the scene.

Our quality business alarm systems are sourced from leading global suppliers and fitted to deter, detect and detain criminals, with the priority of always keeping its business clients and their staff safe and preventing financial losses.

CCTV – Commercial

Indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras enhance the electronic monitoring of entrances, exits, expensive high-end goods and employees. They allow business owners or designated managers to log into a business’s security system and CCTV camera network via an electronic device. For this reason a business owner is able to monitor their business from anywhere in the world allowing surveillance of the premises if the alarm goes off, or to conduct random virtual security checks.

CCTV cameras for business fixed near entrances provide an additional layer of security, acting as a crime deterrent while also enabling staff to verify the identity of visitors without having to undergo a face-to-face encounter that could place the staff and premises at risk.

The advantage of remote surveillance is that while CCTV system transmits the video feed to an on-site facility remote surveillance also allows the system to be monitored from an off-site location. This location could be anywhere in the world. However, this requires a suitable communication link between the on-site equipment and the off-site location.

Electric Fencing – Commercial

An electrified security fence connected to an alarm system is an essential part of a comprehensive layered security solution for any business premises.

Electric fencing has been proven to successfully act as a psychological deterrent to burglars, and has been known to delay intruders from breaching a perimeter. Additionally, it can serve as an early warning system to ensure maximum security. Forming one of your first lines of defense, electric fencing for business should be zoned and synced with the business alarm system. This will provide an early warning that will set off the alarm should an intruder tamper with the fence, and identified zones will indicate location on larger sites.

While the fundamentals of electric fencing for business remain the same, there are many factors to consider for optimal installation. Variables such as the number of strands, the distance between the strands, the length and number of zones, and the integration with other types of fencing or walls are determined by the distinctive requirements of individual clients.

Fire Dection System

The sheer speed and devastating destructive power of fire make it one of the most serious threats to any commercial enterprise. Vandalized or environmentally damaged business premises can be repaired over time and stolen goods can be recovered, but items destroyed by fire are gone forever. An uncontrolled fire can obliterate an entire room’s contents within a few minutes and completely burn out a building in a couple hours.

The first step towards halting a fire is to properly identify the incident, raise the alarm, and then notify emergency response professionals. This is the function of a fire detection and alarm system. Several system types and options are available, depending on the specific characteristics of the protected space.

Access Control – Commercial

At a bare minimum, an electronic access control system can be used to allow only authorized employees into a building after hours, and to provide excellent documentation of when and where employees enter and exit. That’s why more and more businesses are using electronic access control solutions to limit employees’ admission to certain areas.

This system is also the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorized individuals out of a building, or certain areas within a facility. It’s also a perfect complement to video surveillance, burglar and fire systems, making it part of a comprehensive security solution.

The access control system is an extremely effective deterrent. It provides a very efficient means of granting entry, while maintaining a high level of building and property security. By preventing just one serious loss incident per year, an access control system more than pays for itself.

In addition to asset protection, it provides assurance that employees will be protected. The system allows entry to only authorized individuals and keeps unwelcome intruders out, by restricting individual movement and controlling who is allowed entry to specific areas at specific times. The access control system not only restricts who can go where at certain times of the day and night, it also provides an audit trail of the times that individuals are accessing facilities. Business managers can easily find out who was in a specific area at the exact time that an incident occurred.

An access control system also eliminates problems associated with mechanical key and lock systems, such as the time and cost of replacing keys when an employee’s contract is terminated, the cost of duplicate keys, lost keys, tracking who has the keys, and worrying about easy-to-duplicate keys landing up in the wrong hands.

CMS and Active Response Services

At our integrated, state-of-the-art control centre located in St Pierre, and extensive resources allow us to skilfully monitor business alarm systems. A team of highly trained controllers order the on-the-ground movements and responses of our elite response officers, transmitting information 24/7 via our top-notch dedicated communications network.

Our proficient crime fighting force has been trained to proactively combat crime to protect businesses, but their first priority is always the personal safety of the business owner, management, staff and clients, followed by the security of the business’s stock and equipment.

Caudan Security Services offers an SMS notification service to further improve business security. The SMS notification is sent to alert business owners and key holders that the business security systems have been armed or disarmed – confirming that the premises has been opened or closed. This service is a useful tool for owners to monitor staff working after hours or over weekends. The opening and closing service aids us in monitoring the business premises more effectively.

Business owners and managers can rest assured knowing that their business premises are in safe hands, with our professional team of controllers and active response officers keeping a watchful eye and responding proactively to any potential criminal activity.

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