Layered Security

The key to effective home security and adequately protecting yourself and your family is to create several layers of security, which will provide an early warning system that will alert you to the presence of any unwanted intruders. Installing an effective, layered security system is like buying time – the quicker you are able to establish the presence of an intruder, before they get the opportunity to smash a window or force open a security gate, the more time you have to alert our control center to dispatch an armed response officer and get your family to safety.

Layered security is about placing as many barriers between intruders and your family as possible. These barriers may include:

  • Intruder detection alarm system
  • Outdoor beams in your garden (passive infrared detectors)
  • Remote panic buttons
  • Electric fencing
  • Glass-smashing sensors on windows

Our quality security systems are sourced from leading global suppliers and are fitted to deter, detect and detain criminals with our priority of always keeping you and your family safe when at home.

Home Alarm System

House alarms form the core of your home security. Depending on the size of your house, the home alarm system can be set up to accommodate between eight and 128 zones to ensure that in the event of a burglary, our control centre will immediately be able to identify the exact rooms and outdoor areas of your home that intruders have breached. Several fixed and remote panic buttons are supplied with the security system, so that in case of an emergency you can discreetly alert us to respond to the scene straightaway.

Outdoor Perimeter Detection

There are three basic types of outdoor intruder detection beams suitable for use on both home and business properties:

Outdoor detectors

Outdoor beams are weatherproof infrared detectors, similar to indoor passives, which will signal an early warning of an intruder on the property. These beams are mounted on building walls to detect movement up to 15 meters away, within a 180 and 90 degree angle range. If triggered, the pulsed infrared light will sound the alarm system and alert owners to a presence in their yard.

Point-to-point beams

Point-to-point beams, also known as infrared beams, is a reliable and stable form of intruder detection. These beams are supplied in pairs – a transmitter and a receiver – that can be either mounted on walls or on brackets outdoors. The transmitter sends an invisible, continual pulsed beam of infrared light which is detected by the receiver. These outdoor beams are usually installed across a driveway or an entrance and around the outer perimeter of a property.

Strip beams

A strip beam is another reliable outdoor intruder detection device that is mounted on the walls of a house, for example on either side of window frames, for an early warning system.Strip beams comprise of four strips of receivers and transmitters that generate an invisible pulsed infrared light, which detects movement and sends an alarm signal if the pulse is broken by an intruder reaching through the


We offer a range of CCTV surveillance cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor home security applications, such as to monitor entrances and exits and to keep an eye on the children and domestic staff when you are at work or away on holiday.

Whether you are on a tight budget aiming to get the best value for money in terms of home security, or whether you are wanting to install the most advanced multiple device CCTV surveillance camera technology system, we can give you sound professional advice. Our products range from high-quality affordable CCTV surveillance camera systems to the latest cutting-edge technology available on the global market.

With remote access surveillance you can log in to your home alarm system and CCTV surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. So, if you are away on holiday in the mountains or at the seaside and your home alarm system is activated, you can quickly log into the camera’s IP address via the internet to virtually survey your home through the cameras. Of course, we are always working and will still swiftly respond to any alarm activations on your property in your absence.

CCTV surveillance cameras with remote access gives you peace of mind when you are at work and your children are at home with a caregiver, as you can intermittently log in and check on their safety and ensure that sleep and homework routines are followed. You can also use CCTV cameras at home to check whether domestic staff arrive and depart on time.

CCTV surveillance cameras at the gate or door enable your family and domestic staff to check who is ringing the bell without having to go outside. And of course, cameras act as a strong deterrent against crime as they can assist security companies and the police to gather valuable intelligence for investigations.

Home Electric Fencing

Perhaps one of the most underestimated security devices that can protect your home and family, is electric fencing.

Electric fencing consists of a varying number of strands of electric wires, which carry high-voltage electric pulses. If the electric fence is touched, it delivers a non-lethal but extremely powerful shock to any would-be intruder. Electric fences are regulated by international bylaws and we install ours in strict adherence to these regulations, to ensure they keep your family safe on your property and criminals out.

Ideally, if you have electric fencing surrounding your perimeter, it should be zoned and connected to your home alarm system so that any tampering on the fence line will result in an alarm activation.

While a standard security fence was once regarded primarily as a physical barrier designed to delay an intruder, modern electric fencing is an effective security intervention that acts as:

  • A physical barrier
  • A psychological barrier
  • An early detection device

If you are considering electric fencing for your home, contact Caudan Security Services to conduct a free security assessment wherein we will evaluate your needs and tailor make a solution that will suit both your budget and the unique topography of your property.

CMS and Active Response Services

When it comes to your security, alarm monitoring and active response go hand in hand with ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. Make sure you choose a response company you can trust, you can be assured knowing that our experienced and committed team has got your back.

When you join Caudan Security Services, you will have the reassurance of the biggest local fleet patrolling your neighbourhood and responding to your emergency. Our dedicated team of active response officers are a force to be reckoned with, ready and willing to go beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients’ safety. They are qualified, trained and regularly put through their paces to ensure we have the absolute best active response officers looking after you.

Our state-of-the-art control centre located in St Pierre, manned by our professional controllers are geared to skilfully handle any situation when every second counts and minutes feel like hours. In an emergency, whether a crime related incident has occurred, you need only remember one number (ours!) and we will send help your way.

Trained to act swiftly and decisively to combat crime, our team of vigilant active response officers also work closely with the Mauritius Police to help make communities safer.

Protect your home and family with 24/7 alarm monitoring and active response.

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