For the safe transportation of cash & valuables

Cash in Transit

Launched in 2007, our Cash in Transit department in order to meet international standards have put into operation a fleet of semi-armoured vehicles, equipped with sophisticated devices and Global Positioning System to track its vehicle movement.

Cash in Transit (CIT) Services counts amongst its customers a number of organisations in various sectors of the economy including Commercial Banks, Retail Industry, Automotive and Distribution sectors.

The training program which the CIT personnel is made to follow covers escort walking drill, anti-ambush drill, offensive and defensive drill, self-defence as well as handling and safe usage of pistols and defensive driving techniques.

Only candidates that are of excellent character and with a clean criminal record, that are proved beyond doubt during the screening process, are inducted in our CIT Team.

Our dedicated team holds the (i) Police Private Security Guard Registration Certificate and (ii) Competency Certificate for small firearm. Integrity and Discipline are the pillars of the professional conduct of the CIT crew.

The technical and safety aspects of the company guarantee the effectiveness and the deployment of the armed officers, who are equipped with shock secured cash caddies, single use self-sealing security bags, cross pavement carriers, bullet proof jackets as per international norms.

Services provided by Cash in Transit and ATM Management Services:

Cash in transit:
Money Processing and Banking Deposits
Valuables in Transit
Cash Management Solutions
Intelligent Safes

ATM Services:
Full Custodianship of ATM
ATM Cash Replenishment (cash upload or canister swap)
First Line Maintenance of ATM.
Retained cards and deposit envelope management.
ATM site management.
Assessments and Consultancy

Intelligent Safe

The CacheSYSTEM® Intelligent Safe saves time, boosts productivity, and increases employee security with less cash exposure. It is ideal for cash-intensive businesses that do not require change fund management. The intelligent Safe provides cash security and greater employee accountability through an audit trail that connects each transaction to a registered user. Closing out cash registers is more efficient and deposit preparation is reduced from hours to minutes.

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