Our Active Response Teams are always ready to intervene 24/7

Monitoring and Response

Caudan Active Response serves over 4,000 customers in all regions over the island, supported by a state-of-the-art, Central Monitoring Station in St Pierre to monitor alarm systems. A team of highly trained controllers orders the on-the-ground movements and responses of our elite response officers, transmitting information 24/7 via our dedicated communications network.

We cover the entire island and remain flexible in adapting our resources to growing needs. We respond to your alarm in a timely manner with the support of our Central Monitoring Station 24/7. Our proficient crime-fighting force has been trained to proactively combat crime in order to protect our clients. Our professional team of controllers and active response officers keep a watchful eye and respond proactively to any potential criminal activity, so our clients, business owners, and managers can rest assured that their premises are in safe hands.

Our guards in the vehicles are equipped with devices to enable instant reporting to our Central Monitoring Station and to our clients.

We deploy the latest AI-aided CCTV system and monitor all suspicious events accordingly to provide our intervention teams with up-to-date and correct information.

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