Hard work and training. That is our winning formula

Training Academy

Caudan Security Services Training Academy was established in 2002 to support our guarding department in training our recruits. All our trainers are qualified and registered with the MQA and the police.

The Academy offers a comprehensive educational training program of 140 hours hence all our guards are equipped with training technology, expertise and necessary tools. The Training Academy is at the heart of the organization in the sense that all our personnel and trainees should undergo our training courses.

Our belief, our certitude, our faith and our conviction dictate us that the greatest, yet the cheapest tool with which we equip our personnel at all times, is TRAINING. Every guard at Caudan Security, after completing the training program must undergo a written exam before fitting the uniform. We emphasise on a well-trained professional work force to provide our clients with the right personnel having the right skills to deliver the right service.

We have unique facilities comprising of an equipped classroom of 70 m² as well as a tarred training/ parade ground of 3,500 m².

We provide training for
security guards on:

  • Physical Education
  • Security Duties
  • Code of Ethics
  • Discipline
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Legal Aspects of private security
  • Emergency Protocols
  • First Aid and Health Safety Procedures
  • Self-defense
  • Radio and communication protocols

The Training Academy is at the heart of the organization located at the prestigious site of the Headquarters. All newly inducted staff in the operations department have to undergo the basic induction course. Ad hoc training cadres are also conducted at the academy.

To date, the Training Academy has provided training to thousands of security guards. We have achieved an excellent level of professionalism and ensured the development of highly skilled and versatile employees, thus ensuring their realignment and promotion across divisional lines to meet work demands and customer needs.

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